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The french multibrand stores, in good health !

73% of fashion & shoes retailers have a solvency score above 4 on a 5* scale, a sign of a dynamic economic situation.




For many years, we could feel that the apparel & shoes stores in France were perceived as at risk (late payment, unpaid …) and showed a certain inertia. International brands turned their backs to France and the morale of retailers a little sad.

With the new indicator of Ellisphere – solvency score, crossed to our database of nearly 20,000 multi-brand stores, our analyzes reveal, today, a distribution channel in good financial health.


The numbers are clear:

46% of French retailers (Apparel & shoes) have a low and almost zero risk and 27% a low risk. That is 73% of the sector, considered safe.

Only 9% of our base have a high risk.

National average score is for shoes of 4.13 / 5 and for Ready-to-wear of 4.08 / 5




We feel a stronger market, driven by professionals who are working to develop a positive shopping experience. The concept stores clearly contribute to this dynamic and offer a new opportunity for brands.



For 2 months, FASHOP has put at your disposal this new indicator, developed and updated every day by the Ellisphère® teams: the solvency score.

This score, based on the economic datas of companies, delivers a score on a scale of 5 and allows you to arbitrate at a glance. Knowing how to choose your distributor has never been easier !

Ellisphère® is the reference in terms of information, in France and internationally. More than 300 employees collect, integrate and analyze every day the complete financial data of French actors. Their tools are accurate and innovative, and their data 100% reliable. That’s why since its beginnings, FASHOP has chosen Ellisphere as its partner.



We are pleased with this new indicator = a synthetic, useful and precise answer for your sales teams, your agents, your marketing and financial department. We hope to offer you the best level of information and support you in your decision making process.

If you want to get studies on your distribution and the quality of your prospects, our studies & statistics department is at your disposal.


(*ellisphere datas )

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