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Retour aux actualités

« Fashop provides brands with a daily update on market evolution »

« […]Fashop will be present at the very first Traffic trade-fair event, because the positioning and timing of this event are ideal», announces Philippe Zeder, the manager of Fashop.

« Since its creation 13 years ago, Fashop has provided fashion brands and their sales teams with access to its unique database of 16,000 multibrand stores. We have recently enriched this database with the details of 3700 shoe stores and 5,300 stores stocking both ready-to wear clothing and footwear. This database is constantly updated and features a geolocation tool to locate the different stores».

« We provide made-to-measure databases that can be consulted according to different criteria, such as the year of opening, the brands available or the shop surface area, » notes Zeder.

« Fashop manages a total of three million data. Around 5,000 of these change on a daily basis, such as shop openings and closures, assortment changes or court rulings. When these changes occur, the users are immediately informed by an email alert system. »

« Since the beginning of 2015, Fashop users have also been able to access the database via a new user-friendly app for smartphones and tablets. This is already being used for 60% of consultations », Philippe Zeder says.

“This database is also a good indicator of market development. It is not strictly true to say that multibrands are disappearing. However, independent retailers are reducing the number of brands that they distribute. This year, there was a 30% decrease – unheard of until now!

Stores that have a decrease in their turnover review their choices and choose new brands for their range, selecting those which add new perspectives, have a higher profit margin or offer better conditions for returning stock or for payment deadlines », claims the manager, who also points to the increasing use of Facebook by stores. « Over a third of stores now have a page on social media, compared to just 10% one year ago. »

Excerpt from Journal du Textile n° 2270, 27/10/2015

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