Prospection tool

Reach your qualified target market, accelerate your prospecting.

We reference every fashion boutique in a unique comprehensive database, monitoring in real time the assortment of brands they distribute.

Data analysis allows us to define your optimal distribution channel, unique to your brand, and to build a customized database of prospects. The prospection tool gives you access to this full potential network.

Access data for each prospect

Leverage 100% of the stores in your target market thanks to strategic data.

● Brand assortments

● Management contacts

● Financial data

● Solvency score

Market alerts

Get the latest information on launches, closures and shortfalls of businesses in your distribution environment.

Send highly-qualified email campaigns

Optimized efficiency thanks to the integration of your campaigns into the FASHOP applications of your sales representatives.

*Average interaction rate of campaigns sent via the FASHOP platform in 2020

Fashop accompanies you on your sales rounds

A location-based application

Visualize the prospects and customers around you.

Access key information and prepare your customer meetings.

Facilitate reporting and follow-up by recording each step of the customer relationship.

The prospection tool cross-references your target market with the store information in our database, providing effective, targeted prospecting.