We bring together the biggest fashion brands and French boutiques.


The combination of expertise

Fashop was founded in 2001 by Philippe Zeder, after fifteen years as sales manager in the ready-to-wear industry followed by the management of several franchises and his own multi-brand store.

While searching for solid and actionable information to maneuver his sector, he noticed an untapped opportunity. He saw the potential of a new market opening up as the Internet develops, and surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary team to realize that vision.

He brought together ten experts in the fields of ready-to-wear and information technology. Executives, computer engineers, sales representatives and a network of investigators developed the FASHOP project over a two-year period.

From visionary company to leading group

Fashop developed an exhaustive database of ready-to-wear multi-brands, and, from the outset, secured an exclusive partnership with Ellisphere, guaranteeing real-time market monitoring and reliable legal and financial information. In 2015, the solution was extended to the footwear market.

Since its launch, the family business has grown. Every day, more European manufacturers and distributors are adopting the Fashop solution to develop strategic distribution and optimize their resources.

Fashop is now a leading private group, expert in the distribution strategy of fashion brands.